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The year 2018 marks the 50 th Anniversary of the Club of Rome’s foundation on the 7 th April 1968. The Club’s million-fold bestselling first report “The Limits to Growth” has been followed by more than 40 subsequent reports, which have had deep impact on the emerging environmental movement and raised global awareness of the urgent need to rethink human activity on our planet.

The ocean has degraded within our lifetimes, as shown in the decreasing average size of fish. And yet, each time the baseline drops, we call it the new "normal." At what point do we stop readjusting downward?

Key to stay within the 2°C target. An Abstract by Franz Josef Radermacher

Parallel to the 23rd Conference of the parties from the 6th to the 17th November 2017 Plant-for-the-Planets's Ambassadors for Climate Justice from 45 Nations met for the 3rd Youth Summit in Bonn. Members of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative also partticipated.

As global warming exacerbates drought and floods, farmers’ incomes plunge – and girls as young as 13 are given away to stave off poverty.

Quite everybody at the conference feels confident: investments in Africa will help stepping up future collaborations. But who will be the profiteer in the end?

He did it. Donald Trump shocked the world by announcing to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement. What are the reactions and what are the consequences?

Germany's development minister Gerd Müeller wants a "Marshall Plan with Africa" to renew aid and fight the causes of mass migration at the same time.

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On February 15th, 2017 the majority of the European Parliament voted for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada


The Irish musician and philanthropist Bono also calls for a Marshall Plan with Africa.

How does the national and international media react to the Marshall Plan with Africa?


There are many ways to stand up for a world in balance. Read here how each one of you can make a difference!

With 64 votes in favour and none against the amendment, the Slovenian parliament officially declared their natural water resources as a constitutional right.
Germany needs to react to increasing migration with a sustainable concept. Together with his colleagues, Prof. Radermacher published a memorandum that demands a Marshall Plan with Africa.
The US Secretary of State John Kerry declares a reduction of US-carbon emissions to 1/5 until 2050 at the 22nd COP in Marrakesh.

The Goi Peace Foundation invites young people all around the globe to enter the 2016 International Essay Contest. This year’s theme is:

“Education to build a better future for all.”

For a long time people in the finance sector and lobbyists have neglected climate change, in order to keep profiting. Many businesses either extracted natural resources; harmed the environment or both, without being held responsible. Now, that the world is in a devastating state, Forbes one of the biggest American business magazines has surprisingly recognized that capitalism, as practiced today, will starve humanity by 2050.
During the network meeting of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative initiators, longtime allies and interested people came together to work together towards a world in balance.
This article by author Heiner Beking, who is a member of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, is about ways to outline and represent the SDG goals and ways to communicate and achieve them.
Everybody uses smartphones. But only few know how they are produced. To take action against exploitation, child work and slavery, two companies try to produce sustainable and socially acceptable smartphones.
The short documentary series “Sweatshop - dead cheap fashion” is about three young fashion blogger from Norway who travelled to Cambodia on behalf of the newspaper “Aftenposten” to take a closer look at how their clothes are made.
UN SDG Global Marshall Plan Foundation
Keep yourself updated about the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals with these articles.
Guidlines Conference Day Global Marshall Plan Foundation
The information materials for the Global Marshall Plan Conference Days are finally available in English and a first English conference is planned for London next March.
Stop TTIP Global Marshall Plan Foundation
In accordance to the final spurt of the TTIP & CETA petition of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) there will be a demonstration against TTIP & CETA in Berlin on the 10.10.2015.
This year’s “Earth Overshoot Day” was on August 13. It is also known as “Ecological Debt day” which means that humanity is now living beyond their means for the rest of the year. Today we are using the equivalent of 1.6 planets.
At this year's UN Climate Conference in Paris a decision concerning climate protection must finallly be made. And in fact there is something happening!
This month's film tip is a very interesting and informative documentation about our economic and financial system.
Tens of thousands of people participated in demonstrations and activities in numerous cities in the context of the worldwide protest day against the planned free trade agreement “TTIP” on 18 April. A great success!
The Climate Action Day in Hamburg on 26 September 2015 is planned by the Global Marshall Plan Foundation in cooperation with other member organisations of the Climate Alliance
Our film tip of this month deals with the issues that concern the future of our planet: It’s about questions like “Can we build a fair economy?”, “Is it possible to indefinitely continue economic growth without destroying the planet?”, “Can we create a sustainable future?” and “What kind of future are we going to create for the next generation?”.