Our vision is a “World in Balance.” We are a network of more than 200 organisations and community groups dedicated to the Global Marshall Plan initiative.
We create awareness of the countless problems facing our planet and actively work towards a global eco-social market economy, a world economy in which the economy is in harmony with culture, civil society and nature.


Germany's development minister Gerd Müeller wants a "Marshall Plan with Africa" to renew aid and fight the causes of mass migration at the same time.

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On February 15th, 2017 the majority of the European Parliament voted for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada

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The Irish musician and philanthropist Bono also calls for a Marshall Plan with Africa.

How does the national and international media react to the Marshall Plan with Africa?

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There are many ways to stand up for a world in balance. Read here how each one of you can make a difference!

With 64 votes in favour and none against the amendment, the Slovenian parliament officially declared their natural water resources as a constitutional right.
Germany needs to react to increasing migration with a sustainable concept. Together with his colleagues, Prof. Radermacher published a memorandum that demands a Marshall Plan with Africa.
The US Secretary of State John Kerry declares a reduction of US-carbon emissions to 1/5 until 2050 at the 22nd COP in Marrakesh.