22.11.2013 - 13:22

Global Marshall Plan local group Freudenberg: Review of a full year of engagement

The local group Freudenberg is celebrating one-year-old existence. Reason enough for a short review of the last year which opened new perspectives.

The chairperson Michael Baumann explained that the parish Saint Laurentius Freudenberg observes and supports the work of the Global Marshall  Plan local group attentive which has been existing now for one year. The representatives of the local group, Ralf Kern and Peter Hügle, accepted the invitation and presented the most important activities of the last year. 

Initially, the first public event in the Otto-Rauch Stift has produced a lot of interest at the citizens, in which the aims of the group and the Global Marshall Plan initiative were introduced. Moreover, it is fought to win the policy in Baden-Wuerttemberg to support a fairer globalisation. However, the green-red government supports the aims of the Global Marshall Plan initiative. By the participation at the “Entwicklungspolitische Landeskonferenz 2013” together with other local groups, another step was taken to this aim. Indeed, Baden-Wuerttemberg is a relatively unimportant actor in the global scale as well as the policy there points out emphatically. However, it is also about "Bottom up": The weightier the actor, the greater is also the chance of the execution. Thus a climbing up line appears: Global Marshall Plan local group Freudenberg – Global Marshall Plan initiative - Prime Minister Kretschmann – Landtag of Baden-Wuerttemberg – representation of Baden-Wuerttemberg in the EU – economic summit G 15 – the United Nations – WTO and IWF.

Additionally, it was solicited for the youth organisation "Plant for the Planet" which espouses particularly against the climate change and for more climate justice. Kern emphasised finally that everyone must exercise one´s responsibility within the scope of her or his possibilities, so that everywhere in the world a sustainable development can be promoted and that all people dignity, freedom and justice would be guaranteed.

As "homework" the councillors got in addition the controversial paper „Alles würde gut “ with a sermon of Felix Finkbeiner and the offer of the local group to a cooperation in respective questions. Do you have any interest to help the group?

Then contact please Mr. Kern under freudenberg@globalmarshallplan.org