28.10.2013 - 10:58

Local Groups in Action

On the 26th of July, members of the Cologne Global Marshall Plan local group met up with Johanna Pulheim, a representative of the city of Cologne, to discuss strategies and practices for creating synergy effects.

Johanna Pulheim talked about initiatives and groups based in Cologne, such as the network “Eine-Welt Stadt Köln,“ (One World – City Cologne), that may differ from the Global Marshall Plan Initiative in terms of core values, but nevertheless, work towards a world in balance. She also discussed special social events such as “Tag des guten Lebens” (Day of the Good Life) and “Kölner Sonntag der Nachhaltigkeit” (Sustainability Sunday Cologne) on which the Cologne local group will distribute information material.

To reduce multiple structures, Christoph Willms of the Cologne local group suggests that the groups complement each other's content and realize projects together or at least support each other in terms of available resources.

In the future, the Cologne local group plans to organise similar networking meetings on a sporadic basis, perhaps in a more structured framework with additional protagonists, so that more can be achieved in a joint effort. 

On the 21st of September, Dr. Jannis Maaß and Magdalena Ulmer led an Impulse Day in Stuttgart. The goal was to give the 14 participants a comprehensive overview of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative and then to develop interesting and innovative ideas with the group, e.g. on how one could convey the initial excitement generated by the Impulse Day into actual awareness building measures.

At this thought-provoking event, the participants agreed to organise a Global Dinner in the near future. Furthermore, participants expressed much interest in Plant-for-the-Planet and indicated a desire to promote the initiative in local schools. Whether a local group will grow out of this gathering is yet to be seen, but the chances are good.

To learn more about the local group in Stuttgart, send an email to stuttgart@globalmarshallplan.org

The group activities described above are just a few prime examples of how to promote the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Taking action towards a world in balance is easy. If you do not believe us, try it for yourself! You will be pleasantly surprised. If you need help, please feel free to contact us.