27.09.2013 - 09:41

Local Groups Take Action


The local group of Cologne hosted a Global Marshall Plan event at a local punk bar called “Apparat” in Koblenz. In a two-hour presentation, the multipliers stressed the importance of a joint action against issues such as inhumane working conditions in the textile industry, poverty, and the impending climate crisis.



In March, the local group of Zürich hosted its first University Day event with the support of the Zürich-based project21, the University Day project bureau in Hamburg and Lemonaid. Over the length of three days, lectures and discussions were held at the University of Zürich about topics relating to the concept of an eco-social world economy. The highlight of this event was a lecture held by Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, which provided important new insights and triggered a lively post-lecture discussion. Click here for more information on University Days.

In August, the local group of Eckernförde organised its 1st Aqua Globe Festival on the grounds of the Baltic Sea International Campus. Water, the theme of this festival, flowed through the entire program, which was comprised of an eclectic mix of lectures, creative workshops, theatrical performances and film screenings. The goal of this festival was to raise awareness of the global drinking water problems.


In late-August, the local group of Mainz had an information booth at the 14th Sonnenmarkt, which focused on issues pertaining to development policy and fair trade. At this event, the multipliers not only spoke to locals about the Global Marshall Plan initiative, but also sold Plant-for-the-Planet chocolate bars and books.


All the events mentioned above show that anyone can contribute to the efforts of the Global Marshall Plan. By speaking to your neighbours, fellow students or local officials about the initiative you are already making a difference. The key is to spread the word.