19.07.2013 - 12:55

Call for Action: Take Part at the International Action Camp in Wietze, Lower Saxony, Germany!

Several Global Marshall Plan Groups are engaged in the curr ent rallies aganst industrial farming. Join them at the 31st of August in Wietze!

The local group of Duesseldorf organised a bus. If you are from this region, contact them at duesseldorf@globalmarshallplan.org

Background: Wietze in Lower Saxony is home to Europe's largest chicken slaughter house. Subsidised with €6.5 million of taxpayers' money, it aims to kill 430,000 chickens daily. It is a symbol of the kind of industrial farming that is destroying fair, green and local food and farming.

This summer, the team at ‘Wir haben es satt’ are organising a large demonstration outside the factory. Taking place on 31 August, this will be their first demonstration to be held in temperatures above 0°C – hoorah! Find out who else is behind the event here.

Call for Action: August 2013 Farms instead of Factories!

The programme: Either side of the demonstration, an international action camp is being organised to allow people to build pan-European networks, hold workshops and much much more. Once again Wam Kat and his Flaming Kitchen will be serving up good food for everyone!

The programme is still open, so please get in touch with the organisers if you have workshop ideas, or topics that you think need to be discussed at the European level.


Thursday 29.08.2013

From 17:00 Arrival and evening panel discussion

Friday 30.08.2013

  • Daytime: Workshops (tbc) If you have ideas – please let us know!
  • Evening: Cooking, eating, dancing and networking with the legendary DJ Spoutnik

Saturday 31.08.2013

  • 13:00 Demonstration in front of the slaughter house at Wietze
  • 15:00 A human chain around the slaughter house
  • 17:00 Concert with music from Ratatöska and Dreimalich
  • from 22.00 DJ Acid Maria…

Sunday 01.09.2013

  • Morning: Final workshops
  • 13:00 Departure

Find more information and contact details at www.wir-haben-es-satt.de/start/english/