19.07.2013 - 12:44

EineWeltFairWandeln: About Acting in the Small

Since spring 2012, the Committee EineWeltFairWandeln (e.g. transforming a world fairly) is supporting the Global Marshall Plan Initiative by implementing various creative projects and activities.

The group comprises out of various people, from different religious affiliations and occupations, like for instance a Deacon, a doctor, energy advisors, engineers and many more. Their overall aim is the raising of awareness about themes like the preservation of gods creation, the environment and global justice. To achieve that, they uoffer film screenings, organise lectures, are working with adolescents and children, give book presentations and transfer information in daily life. The thought, “that I am not alone”, but “we are many” engaged in this field, is extremely motivating for them. Yes, to work with likeminded can be extremely fun!

In the following, just a few easily replicable activities that the group realised so far:

In spring 2012, the group organised a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in the monastery of Schönau, Black Forest region. 78 children were trained to be ambassadors for climate justice.

Successfully, the group reached that the Change Chocolate of the children of Plant-for-the-Planet is offered in several shops in the region, like for instance in the village shop „Kikeriki“ and the farm shop of the Demeter farm (www.juchemshof.de).

At the Hairdressers „Oase“, Flyers and books of our Initiative are laid out, introducing ecological and social themes to the waiting customers. Furthermore, the library of the monastery holds the Future Library of the Global Marshall Plan Foundation. At every event they participate, the group sells chocolate and distributes Flyers.

In April 2013, two of the members visited the major of the community in order to report him about their activities (Photo on the left).





More about the Committee EineWeltFairWandeln, you can find at www.globalmarshallplan.org/sachausschuss-eineweltfairwandeln or via E-Mail at info@eineweltfairwandeln.de.

*** You want to replicate one of the projects above? Visit www.globalmarshallplan.org/en/multiply-idea-global-marshall-plan or contact us at lokalgruppen@globalmarshallplan.org