28.05.2013 - 10:37

Great Success: Local Group Achieves Fair-Trade Town Status

On the 29th of June, Schweinfurt will be designated as a Fairtrade-Town officially. Already moe than 130 towns in Germany have been awarded already. A working group, existing out of the Local Agenda 21 and many members of the local Global Marshall Plan group, initiated the campaign. Retailer, food courts, schools, associations and congregations have been contacted to take part.

„Many liked the idea to be a fair-trade-town“, says the speaker of the local group, Georgia Drescher. People, who are buying bananas, coffee, chocolate, handicrafts and flowers from fair-trade suppliers, support farmers in developing countries to improve their life and work conditions sustainably. At next, the group wants to publish a shopping-guide, in which the fair-trade suppliers are listed. The guide will be laid out at shops and the town hall. Awareness raising events at schools and on the market square shall, besides many press releases, reach the public for the issue of fair-trade. You can find the towns profile here (in German). You can find more about the international Fair-trade-Towns-campaign here.

From 20 to 22 of June 2013, the local group of Schweinfurt will launch its second University Days!

Their first University Day was already a great success, why the group was excited to organise a second one. Students, university teachers, representatives from politics and the economy, as well as everyone else who might be interested, is invited. Further information about the University day in Schweinfurt can be found at

www.hochschultage.org/hochschultage-2013/schweinfurt (in German).

(Sources: www.globalmarshallplan.org/schweinfurt; www.fairtradetown.de)