28.05.2013 - 10:34

"Intelligent Growth. The Green Revolution"

Followed by a presentation of the recently published book entitled “Intelligent Growth. The Green Revolution” (Munich 2013), written by Ralf Fücks, the participants discussed about the theses of the book.
Fücks is the chairman of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, a catalyst for green visions and projects, a think tank for policy reform, and an international network. Given great progress – not least in the fight about forests in Europe - he vehemently opposes ecological pessimism in all shades and calls for a new understanding of the earth. The earth should be understood as a dynamic system full of undeveloped possibilities. “A multiplication of the earth is possible.”

According to the author, it is not decisive, if, but how the economy grows: It is about decoupling of economic growth from the consumption of resources and CO2 emissions. Ecological politics as zero growth politics would have failed already.

Mr. Fücks warns that people want to left behind the individuality, mobility, comfort, communication and plurality of lifestyle. And: Europe has the preconditions to be a pioneer for green growth. To that end, an efficiency revolution under the lead of rebound effects, as well as a pro-active government activity, as for instance in the area of internalization of costs of environmentally harmful results of production, is needed. Thereby, it has to be considered that the resources productivity needs to be privileged to labor productivity. This fact was too less considered in preceding debates.

It followed a vibrant debate. Surely, not all doubts about some theses were removable. However, all participants agreed that it is valuable to grapple the theses of the book.

(Sources: Local Group of Munich, Ökosoziales Forum Oberösterreich)