15.04.2013 - 15:42

DunaVision - The Journey of Change Has Begun

The DunaVison is all about the people who decide to join the change and thus enrich this most special and diverse trip, if even only for a short period of time. Streams is what the routes between the forums are called. Those can be traveled on foot, by bicycle, canoe or other environmentally friendly methods of transportation. These stages offer an ideal space for reflection and the deepening of the various insights and experiences. Participants may now let their thoughts wander, develop their own ideas and plan their implementation in teams.

Join the Caravan of Change! For a few days, weeks or months ... these are the journey’s upcoming 4 streams:

Stream C: Weltenburg – Regensburg 16.04.13 – 18.04.13
Stream D: Regensburg – Ottensheim (Linz) 21.04. - 02.05
Stream E: Linz – Melk 07.05. – 09.05.
Stream F: Melk – Vienna 13.05. – 21.05.

Since 15 March a diverse group of people from various countries moves along the Danube. All in all, the trip will last for 6 months and reaches the source of Europe’s great river in the Black Forest to its estuary in the Black Sea. Dietmar, who is also a member of the Global Marshall Plan regional group Lake Constance, has been a part of the caravan for a few days and already declares the trip’s diversity as its most unique facet. In it lies the potential for arousing new ideas fit for provoking real changes. Dietmar is determined to join in again for the latest stream in Eastern Europe.

If you fancy a slightly different time-out, pictures, latest news, information on the journey and a very catchy travel song wait for you on dunavision.eu. E-mails are welcome at coordination@dunavision.eu.
Stay up to date and visit the DunaVison blog, where updates are being posted almost on a daily basis, and learn about the participants’ daily routines as well as their latest insights and decisions (like going vegan for a week).

DunaVision (Donauwandel) is an initiative of ThinkCamp, a member organisation of the coordinating committee (German only) of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. ThinkCamp inspires, connects and supports people and organizations, which actively provide impulses, concepts, results and models for the sustainable development of a world in balance. ThinkCamp promotes "Community Development" and "Eco-Social-Entrepreneurship und Intrapreneurship ", is a facilitator and provides coaching for the development and implementation of breakthrough innovations and creative educational programmes.

(Source: dunavision.eu)