15.04.2013 - 11:51

Groups in SouthGermany raise Awareness for a World with Future

Many local groups of the Initiative are committed by organising and giving lectures and talks about the themes of the initiative. Thereby, some of them are inviting lecturers by themselves, book speakers from the official pool of the Initiative or be multipliers themselves.

In the framework of the lecture series of the Global Marshall Plan group in Lake Constance region, the supporters gave space for discussions and rethinking on a regular basis.
Group member Dr Roland Heinzel held two speeches about how people in Europe are getting ill from unfair work conditions. The speeches were entitled “Burnout in Times of Globalization” and „The Divide between Rich and Poor“. After the talks, the participants discussed what could be done in various regions.

Another awakening evening concerned the “Myths of Mobile Communications”. A text by Theology Professor Werner Thiede was read out, dealing with the exposure of human beings, animals and plants. The evening was moderated by local group member Dipl.-Psych. Hanna Tlach. Academy Alumni Dietmar Kohler showed impressive statistics, displaying how the existence in the developing world is dependent from mobile communication. Dipl.-Ing. Jörn Gutbier explained how the demands of Professor Thiede can be realised. In the foreground was the divide between indoor and outdoor-supply. A further talk was given by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schlegel who eliminated the misapprehension that people in Switzerland would be more protected by radiations than the population in Germany.

The common tenor of all the talks was the demand for ecological and social adjustments in western societies, so that -in line with the Global Marshall Plan Initiative- further less privileged countries are getting supported in the establishment of infrastructures. Currently, the group of Lacke Constance region is planning a talk about world nutrition.

"Doing wrong keeps wrong, also if everybody does it. Doing the right keeps right, also if nobody does it.”

Benjamin Brähler, a speaker of the Initiative, ended his lecture about the Initiative with this quote. Invited to the meeting of the AltcusanerInnen in Stuttgart from15 - 16 March 2013, he was bringing closer the Initiative and its commitment. Thereby, he focused on the practical and personal dimension. Participant Christoph Lammersdorf (CEO Stuttgart stock market), concluded: "I have the impression that I have to do differently from tomorrow on.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Möhring-Hesse (Universität Tübingen), Benjamin Brähler (tegut... gute Lebensmittel Fulda und Global Marshall Plan), Christoph Lammersdorf (CEO Börse Stuttgart Holding GmbH) und Dr. Verena Wodtke-Werner (Direktorin der Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart).

Exciting impressions about the tragedy of the world’s commons, systemically thinking and the cooperation in regard of a sustainable development were experienced at the Workshop “Fishbanks” in the afternoon of the same day. During the concluding panel discussion, Mr Brähler was discussing with Christoph Lammersdorf, Prof. Dr. Matthias Möhring-Hesse (University of Tübingen), Martin Priebe (Leader if the German Netweork for Economic Ethics), as well as more than 40 participating AltcusanerInnen. The lecture was taking place in the framework of the conference "Gute Geschäfte?! Ethische Orientierung in der Wirtschaft" (e.g.“Good Business?! Ethical Orientation in Economy”.

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