15.03.2013 - 12:34

Public Private Partnerships as Future of Development Aid?

If capitalism is leading towards a better world?, was the question concerned at the panel discussion organised by the local group of Tubingen, Germany, at the end of January. Organised together with the youmanity students’ group, the panel discussion about the exciting and controversy question "Capitalism for a better world. Public Private Partnerships as a Future of Development Aid?“ was a geat success.

Initially, the speakers, Dr. Ursula Eid (former state secretary of the German Ministry for Development, BMZ), Dr. Heinecke Werner (Executive consultant, Win=Win) und Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger (Evaluation KfW-Bank, chair at the University of Mannheim), presented their diverse viewpoints. The following discussion was in fact very controversy, but the contents were transmitted in a very informative and entertaining manner. This was rewarded with the numerous participants and good response to the event.

Recipes, that transform capitalism into the front line for change, are increasingly scarce within a discussion about a better world. All the more, a critical and profound debate with such suggestions is important in order to show various perspectives and present it to a young audience. The question, if the idea of the rescuing state is coming to an end, and that in the future companies could perform as the supporters of developing countries, is promising many further multi-layered discussions.

(Sources: Local Group of Tubingen, Photos: you-manity.org)