15.03.2013 - 12:30

News from the Austrian Partners of the Initiative

The EcoSocial students' forum, partner organisation of the Global Marshall Plan Academy and the University Day Project, and the EcoSocial Forum, member of the coordination circle of the Initiative, are reporting about past and future events.

New Chair, new Agenda and you are warmly invited!

The new semester just started in Austria and the EcoSocial Student Forum finished its winter sleep. After the shift of chairs in the student’s initiative, Florian, Academy Alumni, is looking forward to the new tasks within the team.

A lot of power and motivation was collected by the participants of the following planning seminar. A lot of new committed young people could be integrated into the group. And the results are impressive – the future perspectives rosy. Besides the already established monthly sustainability meetings in Vienna, a content-related seminar about the EcoSocial market economy, cooperation with other Universities and various talks of the members, the enhancement of the master thesis portal and the subscription for a World in Balance are planned.

Furthermore, the group is organizing a huge event with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Othmar Karas (Mai 2013), and a panel discussion with the Austrian Minister for Environment, Nikolaus Berlakovich (April 2012). The members of the student forum are looking forward to meet you at one of the events!

Find more info at globalmarshallplan.org, oessfo.at & Facebook

Intensification? – Yes, but sustainable! - That was the Motto of the 60th Winter-Congress of the EcoSocial Forum Austria

The EcoSocial Forum organized it 60th win ter congress! With the subtitle “Intensification – Yes, but sustainable!”, experts and interested people met in January in order to concentrate on the future of agriculture in Austria. Between the 21st and 25th of January, eight different conferences were taking place. Thereby, it did not matter if agrarian policy or farming in specific. The questions about how to feed the growing world population in the future by sustainable farming, as well as which kind of role Austria needs to play, were discussed. Around 3.500 people came in order to face the challenges of intensification and efficiency increase.

Logo Wintertagung 2013The winter conference is an information and discussion event around current challenges of the Austrian and European farming industry. By the production of knowledge, awareness-raising and the interconnection of various actors from society, economy, environment and Science, the participants try to establish sustainable and fair frameworks for a globalized economy. A diversity of speakers made sure that various perspectives were discussed. It was getting clear, that agriculture is not just matter of agrarian policy, but also needs also included in economic policy, environmental policy, family policy and many other spheres. The forum is already looking forward to the next inspiring winter congress in 2014.

(sources: www.oekosozial.at, Local Group of Vienna)