21.02.2013 - 09:55

Best-Practice in Austria

Reading books about globalisation, discussions about them and the exchange of the books – That is what is currently happening in the coffee houses of the Austrian capital Vienna. On the 1st of February, the local group of Vienna celebrated the official opening of four “future shelves” at the Nelson’s restaurant. The group members Sarah and Florian welcomed more than 30 guests. It was an exciting evening with many new faces within the circle of local supporters.
Together with the creative guys of „4zu1 Design“, the group members built the future shelves that are made from recycled materials. The literature inside comprises all the literature of the Global Marshall Plan future library and book donations from supporters all over Austria and Germany. The awareness raising books are about the protection of the environment, sustainable thinking, renewable energies and future oriented models of society. Along the principle of giving and taking, an open book exchange shall be installed within the city. The book shelves are at Hub Vienna (Lindengasse 56), at the Coffee shop blueorange (Alserbachstraße 1 and Margaretenstraße 9), and at the Nelson’s (Paniglgasse 14). Everybody interested is warmly invited!

The group wants to say thank you to all its supporters! You can find further details at www.lokalgruppewien.at and www.globalmarshallplan.org/wien

(Photo: Guys from „4zu1 Design“(left), Sarah und Florian, Harald Knoll (blueorange))

In the south of Austria, the state Tirol is very engaged in promoting the commitment for a more sustainable future and the idea of a Global Marshall Plan.
The parliament of Tirol stressed the importance of a Global Marshall Plan and its commitment for the idea many times. Since summer 2006, the parliament of Tirol decided to support the Initiative officially. Initially, the “Aktivitätenplan” (TAP) (= plan of activities) was developed. The TAP is a strategically framework document that contains aid-projects in Tanzania and Uganda, as well as the financial support of the “Tiroler Gemeindekatalog” (= Community catalogue of Tirol).

With the current community catalogue 2012/2013, the second one with distinct activities is available. Main goal of the catalogue is it to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of the world as well as the impacts of daily action on human beings, on the nature and on the economy of the population in Tirol. From mid-2010 until mid-2012 the overall theme of the catalogue was “groceries”. Since then and until mid-2014 it’s about “lifestyle”.

In the current catalogue, 25 distinct measures for every single citizen, companies, communities and schools by the state funded and schools are offered, funded by the state. The topics reach from “The world imbalanced”, “Life Pictures from El Salvador or “Living different”, speeches, seminars and workshops are offered. You can read the full catalogue here (in German).

*** Do you wish to have similar offers by your state? Get active for specific measures! Contact us at info@globalmarshallplan.org ***

(Sources: Local group of Vienna, www.tirol.gv.at)