21.02.2013 - 09:52

Plenty of News from the Duna Vision

Duna Vision (Donauwandel) is an initiative of ThinkCamp, a member organisation of the coordinating committee (German only) of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. ThinkCamp inspires, connects and supports people and organizations, which actively provide impulses, concepts, results and models for the sustainable development of a world in balance. ThinkCamp promotes "Community Development" and "Eco-Social-Entrepreneurship und Intrapreneurship ", is a facilitator and provides coaching for the development and implementation of breakthrough innovations and creative educational programmes.

With a lot of enthusiasm and full of ideas the Duna Vision project starts into 2013.

From now on the band "LA FONS" from Vienna will accompany the Duna Vision with their "song for the Duna Vision" which will tell a variety of stories in different languages. On the journey through the Danube countries, the song will be enriched by many verses sung by the participants to carry forward the message.

In Eastern European countries, high migration and unemployment rates are a main concern in the development of rural areas. At a meeting of the Hungarian RegioTeam with a new eco-village interesting discussions arose on the development of communities. Some families try to cope with the severe circumstances by developing new environmental and social standards of living. The Duna Vision is willing to visit them in order to find out more and contribute to the activation of the rural communities!

The paths of the Duna Vision will also lead the participants to Serbia, where they will be trying to grasp how the interaction of individual communities and society as a whole will work in future. In addition to a thorough study on the rural development in the past 5000 years, thought leaders will express their ideas on future trends and inspire the participants to realize their own ideas in innovative projects. There will also be theatre groups accompanying the tour and authentically expressing their experiences in the form of improvisational theatre acts.

For more current information, also about the creative people behind the project please visit the Duna Vison - Website.

If you are interested in supporting the Duna Vision, want to get involved or become a part of the project, simply give notice to Johannes Pfister at donauwandel@thinkcamp.eu.

For those who want to be kept up to date we refer to the Duna Vision website where you can register for the Newsletter. You are also welcome to visit the project’s redesigned Facebook page.

(Sources: Donauwandel-Newsletter, ThinkCamp; Images: Donauwandel-Newsletter)