25.01.2013 - 15:11

Local Group of Vienna Opens three Future Shelves in Viennese Coffeehouses and Local Group of Munich Meets AIESEC

Local groups are collaborating and cooperation with other regional and local actors internationally.

Three coffeehouses are opening theshelves of the local group of Vienna

Eventually, it is happening: The local group of Vienna is announcing that on February 1st three coffeehouses in the Austrian capital are introducing their bookshelves filled with future literature.
Everyone interested is cordially invited! The opening event will take place at the Nelsons`s Café of the technical University at 7pm. Here you can find the invitation.
The local group of Vienna wants to say Thank You to all the supporters who enabled to realise their ambitioned first project as a Global Marshall Plan group!

Among others, the Global Marshall Plan Foundation supported the projects with books and other materials. Furthermore, the Magazin Buchkultur Wien, the Ökosoziales Forum Österreich and many private supporters donated for the project on a Crowdfunding- platform, by material donations and by the creation of the bookshelf design by Vier zu Eins Design.

Now it is time to visit the shelves, take a book, drink a Wiener Melange, exchange with others and change the world!
More info about the project can be found at www.globalmarshallplan.org/wien.

AIESEC meets Global Marshall Plan in Munich

Since 1952, AIESEC Germany supports cultural exchange and international cooperation. Meanwhile, the international students’ organisation is located in more than 100 countries and inspires students as well as companies worldwide. AIESEC Germany counts to the supporters of the Global Marshall Plan since the Initiative has been started in 2003.

At the 10th of December, the local group of Munich was invited by the local AIESEC committee in Munich in order to give a presentation about the Initiative and the Global Marshall Plan. More than 50 students visited the event, which outlined the activities and visions, as well as the “win-win-principle”. In the framework of the event a table with books was established, representing some of the important future literature of the Initiative. Furthermore, lots of Flyers were distributed. The local group of Munich is looking forward to implement further projects with AIESEC in their region!

Are you interested to join them? Visit www.globalmarshallplan.org/muenchen and contact the group directly!

(Sources: Local groups of Vienna, Austria, and Munich, Germany)