23.01.2013 - 11:30

Eco-Social Entrepreneur Programme

An article by Johannes Pfister and ThinkCamp, member organisation of the Global Marshall Plan Academy project

Participating at the eco-social entrepreneur programme lasting 9 months, people come together on a full-time learning journey of 3000 km through 10 Danube countries. Forming learning communities, they will develop and finally implement innovative products and services. The programme is embedded in the Donauwandel 2013 project and is to be seen as an experiment for all involved. Our journey takes us to best-practise examples of social and environmental projects and we will meet hundreds of people who are willing to face and consciously perceive their social responsibilities just like we do.

Concerning the concept of development, we consider social aspects, ethical principles, cultural diversity and the environmental impact in order to create a positive and sustainable effect in our surroundings. The project development is supported by coaches and experts who organise workshops and web conferences. Our insights and conclusions will be presented at the “Wandel-Foren”, where we will also receive valuable inputs and impulses from fellow participants of the Donauwandel project. During monastery stays and breaks at attractive locations, everything – the things we saw, heard and acquired – will be processed and internalized. These occasional reflection periods are an important ingredient in the project development and the personal advancement.

We will start on 19th March with a hiking talk in the Black Forest, at the origin of the Danube, till we reach the first forum in Ulm. On the journey through the regions of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova we will visit many examples of eco-social activities, and meet further interested and motivated people at the above mentioned “Wandel-Foren” Furthermore, we will learn effective methods at our workshops and process what has been seen and heard during our travel-talks in between the various activities.

Participation Requirements:

Anyone who carries the wish to contribute to a positive change in our society is welcome to participate. Questions of age, sex, origin and education do not matter in this context. However, English skills are very often useful and therefore required, and all participants should be able to participate in moderate daily walks, cycling or boating trips.

For further information please visit www.donauwandel.eu or directly contact Johannes Pfister at Donauwandel@globalmarshallplan.org.

(Sources: Donauwandel, Global Marshall Plan Academy)