The initiative is a network of different dedicated actors. More than 5000 supporters from all groups of society and over 200 organizations, companies, local- and university groups as well as individuals interact on national and international scale. They raise awareness for a world in balance and take a stand for a worldwide eco-social business environment.

While the Coordination Group, consisting out of supporting organizations, is responsible for the strategic and content wise positioning of the initiative, the Coordinating Office takes care about website-maintenance and networking of all the actors.

Under Alliances you can find organizations and campaigns which work closely together with the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. In the section Countries you will find a list of all the countries and states officially supporting a Global Marshall Plan.

The list of official Supporters, consisting out of organizations, companies and networks, demonstrates how broad the agreement upon the necessity of a worldwide eco-social market economy is. Feel free to contact local actors in your region and possibly initiate activities and synergies together.

In the section Contact Points you find besides the local- and campus groups with members out of civil society also other contacts. The groups are always happy to welcome new members, so feel free to contact any of the local groups in your area!

All actors together, what means more than 5000 supporters, were brought together by the Global Marshall Plan Initiative to stand up for a “World in Balance”.