Strategy and Vision

Network for a World in Balance


The Global Marshall Plan Initiative acts as a networking movement for the realization of a world in balance. The Initiative brings together a broad alliance of positive and focused members, coming from politics, business, academia and civil society, with the aim of achieving a fairer globalisation as according to the key stipulations. You are welcome to join our network. You can find information about how to get involved on our website or you can contact us directly to ask questions.


Raising awareness and Lobbying


The Global Marshall Plan Initiative supports a combination of ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top down’ approaches, thus raising awareness and lobbying.

By means of lectures, information sessions und various publications, numerous individuals and groups are informed about the pressing need and the possibility to develop a global eco-social framework. By raising political awareness this in turn generates political pressure from society to initiate the necessary changes. At the same time, support from important decision-makers at national, European and international levels can also be gained.

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