Reading can change the World!

Reading can change the world! By reading literature that deals with important themes about the future people can alter their thinking and perspective. The awareness that is raised can then be shared with friends, in the workplace, on the train, through public events,  in letters and forum postings – essentially in any place where people come together, either physically or virtually.

To promote and support the goals of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, the Global Marshall Plan Foundation offers their own "future library". Books for the library are selected with the help of the Robert-Jungk-Library, of authors and also publishers. Several hundred people receive literature on a regular basis for their own future libraries and more than one thousand schools in Germany could already be provided with the relevant future literature, including the network of Club of Rome schools.

You can support the work of the Global Marshall Plan Foundation by sponsoring us for 16 Euro (10 Euros for students) per month and as a thank you, you will receive free books via the book subscription. Alternatively you can support us by ordering individual books directly from our online shop.