The original Marshall Plan

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The Marshall Plan (YouTube Video)

The Marshall Plan (from its enactment, officially the European Recovery Program [ERP]) was the primary plan of the United States for rebuilding and creating a stronger foundation for the allied countries of Europe. The initiative was named after the United States Secretary of State, George Marshall and was largely the creation of State Department officials, especially William L. Clayton and George F. Kennan. More


"Speech of Hope" 60 Years Ago Set Stage for Marshall Plan

September, 5th, 2006: In this historic speech, the U.S. backed the idea of a unified Germany and promised long-term troops.

September 6th marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark speech by an American diplomat in Stuttgart, Germany. This speech set the course for U.S. relations with Europe, laying the groundwork for the Marshall Plan and promising that the United States would remain engaged in the world instead of retreating to isolationism. More


The Marshall Plan for European Recovery

Well structured data collection to the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. More


The Marshall Plan (1947)

Speech delivered by General George Marshall at Harvard University, on June 5, 1947. More