13.09.2012 - 17:00

Film Tip: Goldman Sachs – the Bank that rules the World - A documentary about power and greed on ARTE France

When in 2007, in the USA the future world economic crisis was on the horizon, probably just a few persons could have imagined in which dimension this crisis would impact all economies in the world.
The beginning of the world economic crisis had its roots in US-American housing crisis in August 2007.
Later on, the financial crisis spread as well to Europe eventually. The consequence: There were a lot of losers and only one real winner: Goldman Sachs, the US-American investment banking giant.
Among their clients rank no private customers at all, but exclusively big concerns – and governments, as for example the USA, China and Russia.

The documentary “Goldman Sachs – the bank that rules the World“ by Jérôme Fritel and Marc Roche, deals with the global enterprise and its role and influence on the world economic crisis.

Based on the three pillars “greed, confidentiality, love of risks“, the probably mightiest bank of the world is seen as mainly responsible for the worldwide financial crisis.
By making speculations regarding the illiquidity of American private households in the course of the housing crisis, the branch’s major player could enrich itself and got protected from going bankrupt by its closely linked net of political relationships.

Furthermore, the documentary describes how the enterprise took influence as well on the local financial crisis in Europe in the course of the expanding world economic crisis.
Goldman Sachs is illustrated as a mighty empire with an immense influence on both politico-economic and social processes; as a bank which is always on the winning side.

The documentary was published in France in 2012 and is 75 minutes long.
First transmission in Germany was the 4 September 2012 on ARTE.
More transmissions in German follow Wednesday, the 19 September 2012, at 10:25 am, and Thursday, the 27 September, at 2:50 am.

The first video is in German, the second one in French.


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