07.12.2012 - 10:15

Barack Obama - The Path to Greatness: From Commander in Chief to Educator in Chief

Dr. Zeki Ergas comes from a Turkish-Jewish background and lives in Switzerland. Aside from working as an author, being a peace activist and the general secretary of the international PEN-Klubs (Promoting Literature and Defending the Freedom of Expression) in Switzerland, he is a leading member of the committee of "Schreiber für den Frieden" (Writers for Freedom)

With his article "Barack Obama. The path to Greatness: From Commander-in-chief to Educator-in-chief", Ergas this time elaborates on the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and his recent re-election. He writes about how his re-election came to be and by which forces it was driven.

The main part of his article, however, is what Obama needs to do now in his second term. The five points Mr. Ergas breaks it down to, are: 1. Getting the American democracy back from the plutocrats who have hijacked it. 2. Dealing seriously and constructively with global warming. 3. Acknowledging that a Might is Right ideology is not the right way to way to deal with the complex problems and conflicts of our time. 4. Convincing the American people that improving significantly 'social outcomes' in America is essential. 5. Telling the American people that that which is pure speculation needs to be gradually eliminated from the financial economy.

Ergas says that this needs to be done with an intact direct communication between the citizens and their president and names Roosevelt's fireside chats as an example.

Ultimately, he argues, Obama must change the primary role and function of the American President from Commander-in-chief to that of an Educator-in-chief.

The full article is available for download here.

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