Multiply the idea of a Global Marshall Plan!

Get Active - You can attend lectures, or even better, become a lecturer yourself!

Education and enlightenment are crucial when trying to motivate people to change their thinking and behaviour. Today, people are networked like never before and information can be circulated at a remarkably rapid rate. The more people we can encourage to give lectures, the faster we can spread the idea of the Global Marshall Plan.

You can present the Global Marshall Plan to your organisation, club, or circle of friends. There are a number of supporters of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative already giving lectures about the Global Marshall Plan and related themes with the aim of encouraging fellow citizens to start thinking.

If you are interested in giving a presentation about the Global Marshall Plan, you can find the sample-presentation here. Or participate in our Global Marshall Plan Academy! As an Academy Alumni, you will have the possibility to be admitted into our list of speakers.

Here you can see examples of how Frithjof Finkbeiner, Franz Fischler, Peter Grassmann, Peter Hesse, Uwe Möller, Franz Josef Radermacher, Josef Riegler, Klemens Riegler, Heribert Schmitz (just a few of our representatives) have given heart felt and inspiring presentations about the many activities of our network. In total, thousands of lectures have been given with the aim of “waking up” and motivating the audience to go on and become role models themselves.