Global Marshall Plan Academy

Do you want to do something to improve the world’s future? Are you looking for a new challenge and interested in developing your own skills and knowledge? Then the Global Marshall Plan Academy could be just the thing for you!  

Working in a group, you will have the opportunity to form new networks, and to build your own competencies and rhetorical skills. Moreover, you have the opportunity to develop ideas and create new projects with your fellow Academy members. As an Academy Alumnus, you also have the opportunity to join our list of pubic speakers.

Flyer of the Academy (in German)

The Global Marshall Plan is an official project of the UN-Decade for “Education about Sustainable Development”. You can find more information at (in German).


The Global Marshall Plan Academy works together with:


Note: The Global Marshall Plan Academy is not based on specific content. When there is interest in a specific theme, the team and trainers can organize a regional training based on that content.