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What we need is for those people who understand the reality of the global context, to inform and mobilise the people around them. The main strength of the Global Marshall Plan is its decentralised network structure. The Global Marshall Plan provides a space for activists and activities that are directed towards raising awareness about the need for clear global regulations.

By means of our newsletter, Facebook and Xing information is shared, connections created and thematic partnerships promoted. By doing so a platform is created where concrete action plans at a local level can be shared, and all are then welcome to offer their ideas, expertise and support towards the realisation of these projects.

The Global Marshall Plan Foundation provides a number of free services to support volunteer project workers. This allows those volunteers the opportunity to concentrate solely on their project. Those projects that are especially promising and innovative may also be supported with start-up finances.

If you would like to join another group, please contact one of the stated contact persons. If you would like to become active yourself please contact us to find out how the coordinating office can support you.

Name E-Mail
Netzwerk Christen, Tirol
Netzwerk Christen, Vorarlberg
Netzwerk Christen, Wien
Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft
Forschungsinstitut für anwendugsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung/n
Ökosoziales Studierenden Forum (ÖSSFO)
SPES Zukunftsakademie
Deutsche Gesellschaft des Club of Rome
Global Directions
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Klima Allianz
Ubuntu World Forum of Civil Society Networks
Global Call to Action Against Poverty
Global Marshall Plan Lokalgruppe Heidelberg/Mannheim
34 Million Friends
Liberty 4 Africa
Diskussionskreis Kirchdorf
UBUNTU - World Forum of Civil Society Networks
Ökosoziales Forum Österreich
Sachausschuss "EineWeltFairWandeln"
Global Marshall Plan Lokalgruppe Freudenberg
Dachverband Netzwerk Christen, Linz
Ökosoziales Forum Europa
Global Marshall Plan Lokalgruppe Eckernförde
Global Marshall Plan Lokalgruppe Dresden
Diskurs-Gruppe zu alternativen Finanzierungsmodellen